Geosense for Windows

Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng have been hinting at a new initiative for a few days now.

This morning they revealed Geosense for Windows.

Geosense is a Windows Sensor that provides the Location and Sensors platform in Windows 7 with accurate and reasonably ubiquitous positioning information without requiring or the assistance of GPS hardware, enabling more practical location-based applications and scenarios on Windows 7.

The release comes with an open call to action to download and develop location aware applications against it. Who’s going to be the first out the door with a desktop FourSquare client?!

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#1 – Foursquare + Bing + Silverlight mashup « Silverlight Design on March 25th, 2010 at 3:30 pm

[...] is a Foursquare browser from Metia. It’s a nice clean implementation of Bing Maps withsome great finishing details. It’s a bummer you can’t use it to check-in using it though. Maybe they could wrap in Geosense for windows? [...]

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